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Live Masterclass: How To Start a Podcast From Scratch

August 4th | 2:00 pm PDT | Show in my timezone

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Hosted by
Omar Zenhom

Finally start that podcast! You'll learn:

What you'll need, where to get it, and how to use it

Don't waste money on overpriced or low-quality equipment! Get my personal recommendations for the best hardware and software, from microphones to sound editing programs.

How I created a "top podcast" that keeps on growing

Get "discovered" on your platform. Learn how I earned exposure to large audiences by getting listed as a "top" podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and other outlets.

How to host your podcast and track your listernership

Store your podcast episodes affordably, and track the most important podcast metrics. Use your show's data to make strategic decisions about content and more.

How to turn your idea into a professional show that earns subscribers

Ideas are great, but execution is everything. Learn how to turn your podcast concept into a binge-worthy show that attracts more listeners every day.

How my podcast generated over $1 million in revenue

Learn how to monetize your podcast, and earn more with every episode. Go beyond sponsorship alone, and build additional recurring revenue streams.

How to launch your podcast and hit the ground running

Make sure your podcast launches with a BANG and lands at the top of the charts! I'll share pre-launch promotional strategies to build hype well in advance.


Feedback from Omar's Courses:

This course is amazing. Good job Omar! You lay this out so well; I think people will have tremendous success doing what you said.

-Todd Whatley. Legal Expert


Omar Zenhom, thank you! Your teaching is simple, with small & digestible bites of information anyone can implement. I’m following your format to create my own content.

-Jackie Jackson, Real Estate Coach


Thanks to Omar, I've now done more in the past week to progress my business than I have in the past year of thinking about it. If anyone is reading this, and is in the same boat I was, and haven’t started yet, just take action! You can thank me later.

-Loren Bartley, Founder, Impactiv8

August 4th
2:00 pm PDT