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WebinarNinja Presents: An exclusive Live Webinar

How To Earn $10K a Month with Live Courses

Hosted by
Omar Zenhom
Nicole Baldinu
September 19th | 3:00 pm PDT | Show in my timezone

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What to expect on this live session:

3 Steps to Creating a $10K/Month Live Course

I'll show you the 3 key steps to build, market, and sell a winning live course that will serve you and your audience for years. If you have what people need, and know how to sell it (over and over), $10K per month in sales is a realistic goal!

CourseNinja Full Walkthrough

See how easy it is to create a full live course for sale - from easily accepting payments, to creating sessions and modules, to running an interactive course, to instantly offering session recordings to students in their personal course portal.

Learn How to Create a High-Converting Sales Page (in minutes!)

WE CAN'T WAIT to show you CourseNinja's dynamic sales page builder, created to make it easy for you to convert visitors into customers with our tested & customizable templates.

Learn How to Start Selling Your Live Course with CourseNinja

Got a course idea you want to bring to life and start earning from? I'll show you how to build a live course, choose the right price and market your course with CourseNinja- start making sales weeks before you deliver your course!

How to (Easily) Turn Your Experience Into 💰

The best part of CourseNinja is how easy this platform makes it is to monetize your own experience, knowledge, and skills. It's the fastest way to create a high-value product, and sell it with zero hassles.

Open Q&A

Ask any questions you have about how to use CourseNinja in your business. Make feature requests and offer suggestions. We're all ears!


Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom is cofounder and CEO of WebinarNinja (and now CourseNinja), a super-simple online teaching, coaching, and marketing platform. Founded in 2014, over a million people have attended workshops and other events on WebinarNinja, one of the fastest growing self-funded software companies in the world. He's also the host of the popular small business podcast, The $100 MBA Show.

Omar, WebinarNinja, and The $100 MBA Show have been featured in Inc, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Product Hunt, as well as numerous other small businesses blogs and podcasts.


Nicole Baldinu

Nicole is co-founder and COO of WebinarNinja (and now CourseNinja), that has served over a million webinar attendees and hosts. She is also co-founder and producer of The $100 MBA Show, a “Best of iTunes” podcast with over 200 million downloads.

Like Omar, Nicole was an educator who decided to apply a teacher’s skill set to independent business-building. Now, she helps other aspiring entrepreneurs turn their own goals into reality by turning their experiences and skills into products.

September 19th
3:00 pm PDT