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Turn Your Expertise Into Revenue: How to Create and Sell Live Online Workshops

April 5th | 12:00 am PDT | Show in my timezone

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Hosted by
Omar Zenhom

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In this 1 hour workshop, you'll learn how to...

...attract people dying to attend your presentation.

The people who need your guidance are out there. You'll learn how to find them, and get the chance to promote your workshop to the people who'll be most interested.

...convert potential signups into actual signups.

Once you find the right crowd, you have to make the decision to register a no-brainer. You'll learn how to get interested leads to take action and sign up!

...choose the right price for your paid workshop.

By first establishing your workshop's value in dollars and cents, you can use my value-based pricing formula to set the right price. Earn the most revenue, while ensuring your customers get their money's worth.

...turn attendees into high-lifetime-value customers.

Your paid workshop won't be the last thing you sell to this audience! Learn how to turn your attendees into loyal lifers who continue to buy your products and services.

...run your paid workshop easily and smoothly.

Using our platform, you can build a complete end-to-end paid workshop system complete with built-in email marketing tools, web page and form builders, social media ad tracking, and more.

...make your paid webinar worth every cent.

I'll share proven, exhaustively tested methods for running an engaging, valuable workshop that's worth your audience's investment. You'll leave them wanting more!


About your instructor, Omar Zenhom:

Omar Zenhom is co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, a user-friendly webinar platform for coaches, consultants, and other independent entrepreneurs. Founded in 2014, over a million people have already attended a webinar on WebinarNinja, one of the fastest growing self-funded software companies in operation.

Omar has been featured on Inc, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and more as a leader in marketing and business growth. He's also the host of The $100 MBA Show, a small-business podcast for independent entrepreneurs.

April 5th
12:00 am PDT