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A Live, Step-by-step workshop for Course Creators & Coaches

The Online Course Sales Machine™: A Complete System to Sell Your Online Course

Hosted by
Omar Zenhom
September 27th
1:00 pm PDT

Your students are waiting! Learn how to:

Sell to the right audience - not the biggest one

Learn how to tailor your marketing to the people most likely to actually sign up. Then, prove that you're the right teacher for their needs. When you start by targeting the right audience, the results will speak for themselves. 🎯

Automate for easier, more consistent results

Sell smarter, not harder. By using the power of automation, you'll create a self-repeating system that generates leads around the clock. Put some work in up front, and enjoy the results for months or years to come. ⚙️

Earn real credibility in your niche

Why should someone trust you enough to pay for your course? Because you'll offer them something before you ask for their money. By demonstrating your expertise in a concrete way, you'll make the "selling" the easy part . 🤝

Create a sales pitch that works

Once you've attracted the right audience and earned their trust, it's time to close the sale. By placing your offer in the right context, you'll make the decision to buy your course a no-brainer. 💳

Let your customers do the marketing for you

The relationships you build through your course don't end when the course is over! Once you've created just a few ultra-satisfied customers, you'll leverage the power of their experience to sign up more and more students. 📣

Do it all with minimal technical hassles

Don't waste your time and energy struggling with multiple, complicated software tools. This system uses the simplest tools possible to get maximum results (with minimum stress). 🧑‍💻


About Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom is cofounder and CEO of WebinarNinja, a super-simple online teaching, coaching, and marketing platform. Founded in 2014, over a million people have attended workshops and other events on WebinarNinja, one of the fastest growing self-funded software companies in the world. He's also the host of the popular small business podcast, The $100 MBA Show.

Omar, WebinarNinja, and The $100 MBA Show have been featured in Inc, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Product Hunt, as well as numerous other small businesses blogs and podcasts.

September 27th
1:00 pm PDT
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